1. Marginal Trade Risk

1.1. The small change of rate while using leverage may bring significant profit as well as losses. The Client realizes that there is a chance to lose all or part of invested funds in case of untoward changes in FOREX rates or in other used instruments.
1.2. The Company is not responsible for client’s losses sustained as a result of an incorrect trading strategy choice or his/her disregard of the rules of capital management.

2. Technical Risks

2.1. The Client accepts the risk caused by software or telecommunications facilities failures as well as by other technical problems.
2.2. The Company is not responsible for Client’s losses sustained due to non-observance of instructions included in the MetaTrader client terminal user guide.
2.3. The Client accepts the risk of executing unplanned trading transactions in the case of repeating an order before the last order processing results were received.
2.4. The Client must keep passwords and ensure that third parties will not have access to the trading system. The Client will be subject to the trading obligation, assumed by him/her on the one part and by the Company on the other part, executed using Client’s password even if the password was used by a third party.
2.5. The Client realizes that the information en clair (sent via email, instant messenger service) is not protected from unauthorized access.

3. Force Majeure

3.1. The Company is not responsible for Client’s losses sustained due to force majeure such as: acts of war, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, financial market trading stops, currency interventions, government decisions, instability on financial markets with rapid drops of liquidity, and other significant changes of counteragents working process.


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